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A chapter in Leopold’s history was closed when Stratton left Savannah to pursue a career producing motion pictures. But Savannah never forgot the great ice cream and Stratton was often asked when he would reopen. On the 18th of August, 2004, the dream came true!

Leopold’s Ice Cream opened at a new location, 212 East Broughton Street, with the original, secret ice cream recipes. It is a beautiful store, designed by Academy Award nominated designer Dan Lomino. Dan used many of the original fixtures and applied his Hollywood magic to create the wonderful store you see today. There are props, posters, and signed photographs of actors Dan and Stratton have worked with over the years.

Leopold’s is once again an ice cream parlor circa 1935.Much of the décor is original including the original soda fountain, soda fountain cover, back bar, sundae holders, banana split boats, malted milk dispenser, etc., etc., are available and are still being used. Even the old Philco radio and the wooden, interior phone booth from the old store are being used.