Please make your selections for EACH person in your group. Once you’ve added it to your cart, you can return to this page to make more selections.

  • Each person in your group should have their own order. This means you will need to add each order/girl to your cart.  When you are finished, the number of people in your group should be the same as the number of orders in your cart.
  • Each order must have a first and last name.
  • Please add the troop leader’s name & contact number in the Special Instructions field along with any other important information.
  • There is no need to pick your ice cream flavors yet. Each girl will have the opportunity to have the true Leopold’s Ice Cream experience when they choose their ice cream flavor…tasting flavors and picking the one that they like best!
  • ALL cancellations must be made at least 24hrs in advance of your scheduled pick-up/delivery time in order to receive a refund.