$48.00 / Set of 4 pints

Create your own collection featuring your favorite Leopold’s flavors!

*Minimum of 4 pints per order.
*We ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday using UPS Overnight and 2nd Day Air. All orders received after noon on Wednesday will ship on the following Monday. Click here to find out more about our Shipping Policies.



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    Hi there~we were visiting from Upstate NY, we met all of you last week! Our children have the peanut / tree nut allergies. They did great with your ice cream, as the staff went in the back and served them from a safe / new container. *You just told me to remind you about this detail when ordering. We are going to try the shipment method now…we miss your icecream already!

    Thanks so much!

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    Love Leopold’s Ice Cream!!!

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    I tried hand packed Rum Raisin and Chocolate Raspberry. They was great and was still solid, after taking bus number 14 to the South Side. Can’t wait to try again… Thanks!

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    I was very excited to order your ice cream to be shipped to Mom in NJ for her 90th birthday on December 6th!!
    She will be so surprised!! We have had Leopold’s ice cream each time she has visited Savannah!! Now she can STILL celebrate with your FANTASTIC ice creams!!
    Thanks so much…..

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    I am so excited to order Leopold’s ice cream for Mom’s 90th birthday celebration in New Jersey!
    She will be so surprised!
    Each time she has visited in Savannah, we have had Leopold’s ice cream and I am so glad she
    will be able to have it again for this VERY SPECIAL occasion!!
    Thanks so much!

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    Oh my gosh! A friend told me that we had to go to Leopold’s while in Savannah. I thought, “Yeah, yeah, how good could it be?” It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted. I haven’t eaten ice cream in 10 years due to lactose intolerance. This was worth every calorie, every bite.

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    Yesterday I received 4 pints (Japanese Cherry Blossom, Ginger, Lavender and Honey Almond) of ice cream. I live all the way in NYC. I visited Savannah years ago and went to Leopold’s every single day of the 7 days we spent in Savannah. When I heard Leopold’s started delivering, I just had to get on board. I opted for 2 day delivery service. The ice cream came packed in a disposable cooler surrounded by dry ice. No worries…my doorman signed for the delivery and stored it in the building’s freezer unit until I got home. Leopold’s customer service was top notch from beginning to end. I called to inquire when my order would be shipped and I received immediate returned phone calls and follow up emails. Outstanding! and so was the Japanese Cherry Blossom Ice Cream. My husband tried the Ginger and he loved it, surprisingly…he can’t abide the taste of ginger otherwise. We have to pace ourselves before we finish those 4 pints before this weekend.

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